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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

EXTRAVAGANZA COD (poached cod in fish consomme - my own asian chinese consomme)

This is my second time making consome... but with my own recipe n make it more tastier (for me la) n suite our asian taste bud.. i love the salmon roe.. but its a little bit salty... so jangan letak banyak2... kalau tak termasin nanti.

this dish i made quiet sometimes ago... for all my best friends... n this just a compliment for them for always supporting me...

for 4 pax


For consomme

500g of fish bone (better from white fish... cod fish, butter fish or salmon... if using head... take the gill of)

1 carrot - chopped coarsely

1 celery stick - chopped coarsely

1/2 onion - slice

1/2 stalk of leek - slice

2 clove of garlic - crush

1 bouquet garni (this is my own bouquet from 4-5 spring thyme, 2 stalk of lemon grass (crush), 5-6 spring onion, 2 bay leaves) tie together

1 inch of ginger - crush

3 cloves

1 cube vegetable buoillon

2 tsp pati ikan bilis knorr

6 - 8 fresh shitake mushroom - whole

2 litre of water

2 tbsp butter

1/2 lemon - take juice

2 egg white

1 tsp full of peppercorn

salt to taste

chives - for garnishing

spring onion - for garnishing

salmon roe - for garnishing

for poached cod

250g cod fillet - cut to 4

4 clove of garlic - cut ends, unpeeled

12 spring of fresh thyme - 3 spring each cod

leek - cut ti 1 inch n quatered

aluminium foil - for wraping


for consomme

1. melt butter in a boiling pot over medium-high heat. add onion, cloves n garlic, saute until soft. add carrot n celery, saute about 5 minutes.

2. add fish bone n water, bring to boil and low the heat. add ginger, bouquet garni, vegetable buoillion , leek, pati ikan bilis, mushroom, lemon juice, peppercorn. (i add prown head n skin from the leftover of my hidden haven recipe for extra seafood flavor)

4. simmer for about 30 minutes over low heat, covered.

5. strain n sieve using double muslin clot. keep the mushroom for garnishing.

6. keep aside the soup to be cool... and refigerated for 1 hour.

7. skim off the fat on the surface (we don't want this fat at all)

8. in other bowl, mix egg white with 1 cup if this soup... whisk. pour the mixture into the soup , whisk to mix well.

9. bring to simmer over very low heat - undisturb for about 20 minutes until the egg white form a skin on the surface.

10. skim off the egg white skin carefully.

11. sieve the soup ( now u can see the soup is clear from any impurities) using muslin cloth twice.... add salt to taste. keep aside. reheat when u want to serve.

for poached cod

1. preheat oven on 180 C

2. wrap the cod with 1 garlic, 3 thyme spring n leek (wrap it individual) with aluminium foil.

3. fill up a deep baking tin with hot water up to half. place the cod inside the baking tin and bake for 8-10 minutes

4. remove from oven and take the fish out from the baking tin... slightly open the wrapping to allow the steam out (if not the fish will over cook)

to serve

1. place the cod at the centre of plate (use deep plate or soup plate... not soup bowl). only the fish .. discard garlic, leek n thyme.

2. pour the consomme until half of the fish.

3. garnish with spring onion, slice of shitake mushroom and salmon roe. finish with chives. ready to serve.

* enjoy a very rich n flavourfull clear soup (consomme). send me feedback for this resipe plz)

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